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Race-Port 50

DESCRIPTION: With an oversize 52mm inlet, the Race Port is Turbosmart’s largest and highest-flowing blow-off valve, outflowing all competitors in its class.    APPLICATION: Lightweight and compact, this product is ideal for high horsepower, turbo or supercharged racing applications.     SUPPLIED WITH: Quick-release V-Band Clamp,

Item Number: TS-0204-1001
Price: $269.00

Item Number: TS-0204-1002
Price: $269.00


Bov Type 1

DESCRIPTION: The smalled, most space-efficient BOV in Turbosmart’s range. Good flow characteristics and quality build at an entry-level price.    APPLICATION: Best suited to engines up to 1.5L in capacity, producing standard or mildly increased boost. Ideal for small, space-restricted engine bays. Popular with turbocharged motorbikes.    SUPPLIED WITH: Weld-on adapter, washers.

Bov Type 1 - Blue
Item Number: FG-BOV-001
Price: $134.00

Bov Type 1 - Sleeper
Item Number: FG-BOV-001-S
Price: $134.00



DESCRIPTION: Features a variable exhaust port system, providing superior venting of excess pressure.    APPLICATION: Simple and effective. Small footprint makes it an ideal choice for larger capacity, space-restricted engines. Preferred choice of drifting and circuit enthusiasts.    SUPPLIED WITH: Weld-on adapter.

Type 2 - Vee-port -Blue
Item Number: FG-BOV-002VP
Price: $206.00

Type 2 - Vee-port -Sleeper
Item Number: FG-BOV-002VP-S
Price: $206.00



DESCRIPTION: A BOV for racers and serious enthusiasts who want to be noticed. Supersonic provides a superior flow performance with a unique “supersonic” sound.    APPLICATION: Suitable for all turbocharged vehicles. Extremely popular with racers and show-car buliders world-wide.    SUPPLIED WITH: Weld-on adapter

Type 3- SuperSonic- Blue
Item Number: FG-BOV-003SS
Price: $269.00

Type 3- SuperSonic- Sleeper
Item Number: FG-BOV-003SS-S
Price: $269.00



DESCRIPTION: The loudest BOV in the Turbosmart range. If extreme performance and spectacular sound are your priorities – the Megasonic is the BOV for you.    APPLICATION: Suits all high-powered turbocharged street and race vehicles. Aimed at the serious racer and a show car builder who wants to stand out from the crowd.    SUPPLIED WITH: Weld-on adapter.

Type 3- MegaSonic- Blue
Item Number: FG-BOV-003MS
Price: $323.00

Type 3- MegaSonic- Sleeper
Item Number:FG-BOV-003MS-S
Price: $323.00



DESCRIPTION: Three BOVs in one. The Dual Port can be configured to vent to the atmosphere, back into the air intake or both! Hybrid technology allows the user to convert a Dual Port to a Plumb Back or to a Supersonic.    APPLICATION: Suits all turbocharged vehicles.    SUPPLIED WITH: Weld-on adapter, all necessary hardware for conversion to a Plumb Back or a Supersonic.

Type 3- Dual Port-25mm
Item Number: FG-BOV-003DP25
Price: $296.00

Type 3- Dual Port-29mm
Item Number: FG-BOV-003DP29
Price: $296.00

Type 3- Dual Port-32mm
Item Number: FG-BOV-003DP32
Price: $296.00

Type 3- Dual Port-34mm
Item Number: FG-BOV-003DP34
Price: $296.00

Type 3- Dual Port-38mm
Item Number: FG-BOV-003DP38
Price: $296.00

Type 3- Dual Port-Sleeper-38mm
Item Number: FG-BOV-003DP38-S
Price: $296.00



DESCRIPTION: Fully recirculating valve. A quiet alternative to the atmospheric BOV, the Plumb Back systems vents all excess pressure back into the intake system. .    APPLICATION: Ideal for cars with sensitive Air-Flow systems and off-road applications as the fully-sealed design of the Plumb Back prevents any foreign matter entering the system.     SUPPLIED WITH: Weld-on adapter. Available in a range of outlet diameters.

Type 3- Plumbback- Blue-25mm
Item Number: FG-BOV-003PB25
Price: $251.00

Type 3- Plumbback- Blue-29mm
Item Number: FG-BOV-003PB29
Price: $251.00

Type 3- Plumbback- Blue-32mm
Item Number: FG-BOV-003PB32
Price: $251.00

Type 3- Plumbback- Sleeper-32mm
Item Number: FG-BOV-003PB32S
Price: $251.00

Type 3- Plumbback- Blue-34mm
Item Number: FG-BOV-003PB34
Price: $251.00

Type 3- Plumbback- Sleeper-34mm
Item Number: FG-BOV-003PB34S
Price: $251.00







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